Friday, April 1, 2011

ASCA and Manx Club of America announce merger

In a surprise move today, The Australian Shepherd Club of America and the Manx Club of America announced they will be merging the two clubs as well as the two breeds. The new breed will be called Manxstralian Shepherd, and the club renamed MSCA.  Dorothy Fay of the MCA says "I think it's a natural fit, after all, both breeds are tailless.   Yes, ours is a cat and Aussies are a dog, but I think the differences will add up to a stronger unified breed overall".

Susan Peterson, an ASCA member, says "I support the move.  I've heard that Manx are the best herders of the cat world, so look forward to welcoming some into my kennel".    When she was asked if the dogs wouldn't just chase the cats she replied "Well, maybe at first, but I think they will come to be friends in time.   Most Aussies can learn to get along with cats if given a chance."   

Bill Taft, longtime cat fancier, expressed an opposing viewpoint,  "Cats and dogs, living together, it's just not natural".

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