Monday, April 4, 2011

Quack Quack!

Yay!   The snow is melted enough for ducks!

Saturday I worked Sprite and Pepper on ducks- that was fun.  They each did a little fetching and driving around the small home pen where the ducks live.  It was mucky and messy and gross but we had fun anyway.   Soon I think we'll be able to take the ducks out of the pen and work around the yard.  I just need a little less ice to slip and fall on.   With a week of warmer temperatures and possible rain predicted that may be soon.   

Today I took Sprite and Dodge (separately) out to work in the big field.  After over pressuring Dodge two days ago I was determined to make it an easy and fun session.   So I had him do a small outrun, walked up the fence and he fetched the sheep down the side fence.  He was hanging way back but the sheep were right behind me the whole time.    After I turned out into the middle of the pasture he came up to cover and regained his enthusiasm.   Then we did a little drive and took the sheep back to the pen.  And that was it. 

Sprite did pretty well.  She got a little zig zaggy when she got too close while driving, but stopping her and then starting her walking again fixed that.    I was really happy how she handled the pressure of pushing them into the corner.  They didn't want to go (probably she was holding them by being too far to the front, and she was starting to get tense for  fly in, but I told her down, she did and the sheep relaxed.  Then I flanked her a tiny bit and had her walk up and the sheep moved off. 

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