Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sprite, back when we had green stuff on the ground
Sprite hasn't gotten to work a lot the past few months.   First she ripped off a toenail trying to jump into someone's car (yes, she would go home with anyone, "reserved? what's that" she says.)   Then she got spayed, which is still just killing me that I'll never have any little Sprite pups running around, but her hips did not pass OFA, darn it.   It happens.   It should not affect her ability to work or trial though, and I have entered her in the Memorial day trial up in Michigan, just a couple runs to test the waters of the Open class. 

Today she worked on driving the sheep to different parts of the pen in all directions.  First I laid down a line of hay, then had her push them down the line of and then across the pen.  It gives her the chance to feel different pressure points than the sheep normally have.  We had one hungry wether that was constantly trying to double back to the hay and the ram leading the rest of the sheep the other direction.  

I'm hoping to be getting out in to the big field soon, but it's been snowy and icy again.    The barn is a complete mess with water coming in and turning to ice, so all the ewes and lambs are outside now.   I spend a couple hours last night chopping ice and trying to get the drainage off the barn roof fixed.  It might have helped a little, but it's not completely better.   The small pen is still pretty good footing because we have been trampling it down a lot and it didn't ice over.  


  1. Glad to see you'll be at the SEMASA trials! Can't wait to catch up!

  2. Great! I was just going to ask if you would be there. I hope I can recognize you at nearly half your former self :)