Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Any eggs on the ceiling?

The day started bright and early this morning at 5:30 with a rush of dogs into the bedroom.   I groaned, "there's dogs in here" or  "mmmph, mmmph, dogs", something like that.    I had locked all the dogs in the living room so we didn't have to worry about them eating the Easter Bunny, or finding all the Easter eggs and eating the candy out of them.   The living room was a handy candy and bunny-free zone with a door.    Dogs on the loose must mean at least one kid was up, possibly finding all the eggs without bothering to wake anyone else up.   So I stumbled out of bed and put the dogs outside.   Then I re- hid the eggs Michael had found while he was sent to wake up his brother after a small (probably mumbled and incoherent) lecture.   I have learned not to bother trying to wake up Dane at 5:30 even for Easter egg hunting.     He's happy to miss the whole thing for a few extra hours of sleep.   For me, once I'm up going back to bed is not really an option.  

 The kids had really wanted to stay up all night to catch the Easter bunny and demand more loot.   This idea was vetoed in favor of setting some traps to confuse and capture the Easter bunny, and if we did catch him (her?) we would not be demanding, we would be asking nicely if he had any extra candy.      If the kids had their way the Easter bunny would be a hostage and it would probably be the end of the holiday as we know it.   We'd have to rely on an Easter beagle, or maybe even an Easter Raccoon, who certainly volunteer for any egg related job, would be clever with his fingers in getting the candy into the eggs, and good at sneaking in and out of houses.  But  I can't really imagine an Easter Raccoon being generous and sharing; he'd probably keep all the eggs himself.   So I convinced the kids to be nice to the Bunny if the traps did work.  

This would be bad

 Newspapers were deployed in kind of a maze/trap/confusion.  In the morning we found evidence in the form of purple tracks and chewed newspapers (I've known a few bunnies).    And of course lots of candy and eggs.   But don't worry, he was not captured so we are safe from the Easter Raccoon for now. 

Evidence from the Easter Bunny

Michael enjoying his chocolate

 Yesterday after dying eggs we had a lot of dye and some old coffee filters, so we made Easter decorations.   Michael had some great ideas for colors and designs.  



  1. The Easter Raccoon comes and steals eggs, candy, and shiny things from all good little girls and boys.

  2. Eddie lives! He he he he he...