Thursday, April 21, 2011

And Back to Spring...

The snow has melted already, giving us still more water, and bringing my mood back up to "Tra La La" levels.   My sick sheep is also eating everything in sight, which makes me doubly happy.   Sheep are not like dogs.  A dog can lose it's appetite for a day or so with a tummy upset and then be back to normal with no trouble.  When a sheep loses it's appetite it can have spiraling downward stomach troubles- they need to keep stuff moving through there to stay healthy.  

There she is.   The lambs are drinking milk replacer out of a bowl

I took a couple of pictures of the pond while I was out watching the sheep eat today.  This is a view of the driveway.  Normally, this area is dry woods.   The other side of the driveway is where the pond is supposed to be.

And here's our historic facilities, with water nearly reaching it.

You can't see from this angle, but it's a two seater, provisioned with plastic seats and electric lights.  The lights still worked last time I checked.  

Anyway, I think old buildings are cool, even if they are just outhouses.

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