Monday, April 18, 2011

Working again

Hank watching sheep
This weekend was a bust as far as getting anything done.   Sunday I took a nap and felt lousy, but today even though my head still feels stuffed with fluff (and that's without taking any cold medicine) I had enough energy and was determined to get out and work dogs.   Hank worked on getting some of the younger sheep, including spazzy ewe, through a free standing chute they hadn't been in before and he did pretty well.  His "outs" are getting better.

Pepper did a little warm up in the small pen and then we took the sheep out to the big field where she was pretty calm and settled for most of the session.   I had her take the sheep to a corner and do some little walk up and outs, and she was starting to feel the bubble for herself and stopped on her own when the sheep just started to pick up their heads.   This is a big step forward for Miss Pushy.  


Pepper walking  up on the sheep nice and slowly

Nice calm flank

I just thought she looked cute here, ears a flapping
Sprite worked on some outruns and driving.   She did very well except for a couple spots where I had to keep flanking her to stay behind (but the sheep are leaning!!)  and one place where she got anxious pushing when they didn't want to walk through a wet spot and she jumped at them.    Her flanks are very good and she goes out nice and round. 

I got some exciting news from my mom at the AHBA trial this weekend.  Lena, who is just 10 months old, the sister of Sally and Tessa, got the first leg of her JHD and some really big complements from the judge, Roy Sage, about what a good dog she is.    Akela, a son of Kip, got the first leg of his HTADIs and did a nice calm job.     They only trialed one day, so will have to go to the next trial to finish their titles.  

Not so exciting today is one of my sheep is feeling poozly and I think she has mastitis.  I am giving her an antibiotic for that.  I  left her behind when Ben and  I moved everyone else out to eat grass in the yard.  

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  1. Lovely photos of your Pepper; glad Hank is doing well(he's my fav). Congrats on the good AHBA trial.