Friday, April 1, 2011

Warmer weather

We're supposed to get some warmer weather this week, and the snow has already started melting again.   Yesterday afternoon I was able to get out in the big field without even a jacket on and work a couple of dogs.   Dodge did extremely well in driving- he took the sheep all the way down the fenceline without going to head or wandering about- he was in the right place and if the sheep started to drift he fixed them with no fuss.    I was pretty much right with him the whole time- I didn't let him get far out in front of me. 

Next I did the same exercise with Sprite and she was a little more determined to hold the sheep up.  She wasn't actually running to head, but she was just going a touch too far and was turning them back to me.   After a few false starts she got the idea and started driving a little better.  

Both of them did pretty well on fetching back toward the draw, although Dodge was a bit zingy, it wasn't too bad.   I also worked Sprite on the imaginary center pen.   Draw a pen in the snow, and then see if we can get the sheep to go into the square and stand there.   It was good for practicing her "out" and also the big flank around away from the draw, which is hard for her.  

Dodge as a puppy
Sprite as a puppy, or a handy drink holder

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