Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainy day

What to do on a cold and rainy day?   Play frisbee in the house, of course!

Each pup got a separate turn because otherwise certain dogs (Pepper) hog the frisbee.   Sprite is not interested in picking up the frisbee but she enjoys chasing along with Tessa and bugging her.

We're waiting

Tessa plays in a restrained, serious but somewhat low key way.  She brings each one back and doesn't get too excited or distracted.  She'd really like to lie down and chew on one but I use the lure of the second disc to keep the fetch game going.  Sprite will try to tug the disc out of Tessa's mouth but if it falls on the ground she's not that interested in it anymore. 

Sprite "supervising" the fetch game
Tessa will play tug but she's got her eye on me asking "Is this really ok? 

Can you get any more frisbee in your mouth?

When Pepper plays the world is a little blurry.   There is usually plenty of roo-rooing and growling.  She likes tugging, but also knows "drop".   Sometimes she drops the first one too far away in her excitement of getting the second one and then I send her to pick up the one she dropped first.   She can also catch in midair if I throw them close by.    She is such a happy dog, always smiling with her whole body. 

They really love these soft discs more than the hard frisbees that can get sharp edges and hurt their mouths.   I have to put them away right after the game is done though, as they would dearly love to chew the discs into small bits. 
Poor Hank, who would love this, doesn't get to play frisbee in the house.   When he plays fetch he goes from a 60 lb dog to a 60 lb full speed ahead battering ram and things in the house tend to break, like chairs.  Hank is not neglected though.    He and I spent an hour in the drizzly rain with the sheep yesterday, keeping them in their grazing spots.    Unlike Ben, Hank does not chill next to me or go lie under a tree until needed.  He is on high alert the whole time, watching tensely after the sheep in case I need him to do anything.  In sending him I have to remind him with "easy" unless I want him to go like a rocket.

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  1. Love Hank stories; my favorite. He is intense that's for sure.