Friday, April 1, 2011


It is a mystery to me why some dogs have so much more presence than others.   Hank here is holding the sheep off the hay wheelbarrow, even hiding behind it with his face deliberately turned away.   Before he came in they were all gathered around eating out of the wheelbarrow.

Of my dogs, Hank and Kip have the most presence, and Sprite and Ben have a smaller zone of influence over the sheep.  They both would probably have to be in between the hay and the sheep, and some ewes might try to make a run around them even then.    It doesn't relate to eye, as Sprite and Hank have a lot more eye than Ben and Kip.   Or bite, as all of them have gripped as needed.  

Of course, lambs do not recognize presence and they are curious and not too bright.  Hank seems to realize they are babies and won't bite them, although he doesn't have a paternal feeling about them at all. 
Lamb:  "Hi, what 'cha doing?"
Hank:   "Go away, I'm working"
Lamb:  "How about if I check out this end?"
Hank:  "How can a dog work under these conditions?"
lambie cuteness

And some shots of Hank working out in the field today. 


  1. Love the shots of the cat and lambs hanging around Hank! Can you imagine what must have been going thru his mind?! Too funny!!!

  2. Love all the cute pictures and Hank is awesome. I wish you lived closer! want to move to MO ? snow all gone here! Claire