Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good morning

I woke up this morning and this was the view out the bedroom window.   It's still a beautiful day despite there being snow in the middle of April. 
Kip yesterday

Yesterday we spent the day mostly inside by the fire.  The weather was poopy- sleet, snow, a little rain, a lot of wind.    Between that and all of us coming down with colds it's messing up the weekend plans for having fun.    But at least there was soup.   Dane made his most delicious cockaleekie soup for dinner which we ate with some good crusty bread.  

I finished up the book I was reading, which was A Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss.  I highly recommend it, and the first one, The Name of the Wind.   They are epic fantasy, adventure and stories about story telling.  The best books I've read in a while. 

The dogs and kids didn't want to be out in the weather yesterday much either, so I got some lounging around the living room pictures. 

Watching Spongebob.   Pepper says "I'd rather be herding"

What a sad kid!  I think I just told him to stop holding Sally's paws.

Look ma, extra hands!

A creepy disembodied hand tries to grab Sally! 

Sweet Sally kisses


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