Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breakfast blog

I have a few minutes until the butter warms up so have time for a breakfast blog.   I got up this morning and Michael told me "You should make biscuits today".  Which is odd because he doesn't eat biscuits.   After a little bit of unraveling the story, which you have to do with Michael because nothing ever comes out in a straight line, I figured out that he really wanted to eat the strawberries we got yesterday but Dad had told him we were saving them to put on biscuits, with whipped cream.  
So I'm waiting for the butter to warm up a little so I can make biscuits.   I make the drop kind because it's easier than rolling and cutting, and with them the butter doesn't have to be cold.   It's easier to cut it into the flour slightly warmed up.  

Michael is running back and forth to the kitchen reporting on the state of the butter at least once a minute. 

And here's Michael enjoying his strawberries with whipped cream, sans biscuit.    And Sprite, the fuzzy part of the couch.

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