Friday, April 22, 2011


Pepper with an egg
Pepper thinks it highly unfair that I barely mentioned her yesterday and wrote all about what Sally did.   Pepper got a chance at some new tasks and did very well.   First we sorted off one wether and two yearlings into the large field.  Those would be our working sheep.  Then she brought all the ewes and lambs into the small pen and moved them to a new spot where the little ones hadn't been before, the area by the barn which has started to grow some grass.  

The group we picked out to the work in the big field was a light one so Pepper had to keep her distance and work carefully.     She had to pick them up out of a difficult spot, which is narrow and odd shaped, and filled with unusual draws and ways to escape.   She did very well, going and stopping just where I told her.    Then we fetched down a fence line a bit, moved out into the open and did some short drives and short outruns.   She needs to tone down her lift somewhat, it still tends to be a bit freight-train like unless I tell her to stop, but otherwise she did really awesome.  Yay Pepper!

She's also good at carrying eggs without cracking them.   There you go Pepper Salt Feet, bragging done. 

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