Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to winter


Today we're supposed to get several inches of snow, possibly 6-8 inches by tomorrow.   As with every year at this time it's got me singing Monty Python's "Always look on the bright side of life"  (favorite line: "life's a piece of s%&t, when you look at it" .)     The snow can't last, eventually it will be really spring.  

So here's some pretty snow pictures of Dodge for the bright side of winter.     Also the cardinals are really having a feast at the bird feeder just outside. 

Dodge got to work sheep in the snow today and he's doing very well switching between walk up and then going around on a flank.   I am still very close to him to keep him walking straight and then make the flank a nice one.   I think the intensive walk up work in the smaller pen will help him with confidence in driving.   He likes to fetch a lot more than drive but he's getting more comfortable with driving all the time.   His downs today were very snappy and quick stopping on or off balance- that's great to see.  Sometimes he'd even drop when I just said "stay" which is my standing stop command. 

Dodge is Birch Hollow's Built Ram Tough (Ruff Stock Grey Badger x WTCH. Birch Hollow's Red Hot Cinder).

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