Friday, March 25, 2011

Tessa working

Michael and friends
This picture doesn't have anything to do with today's blog, I just thought it was cute.   Michael now wants to be a vet when he grows up, while David, who used to think that he did as well, now says maybe astronaut (good luck kid) or police officer.  

Tessa holding sheep to me

Flanking nicely
 We're working on more of her flanks being like the one above and less like the one below.  She really likes to hold the sheep with her eye at all times, and needs to learn to release the pressure as she goes around.   Walk up (driving) she got really easily, though, in just a few sessions. 
Flanking while leaning on/moving the sheep. 

The lambs are doing well, and the ewe who had trouble with her third lamb is a bit depressed acting but is eating, drinking and feeding her other two lambs.   I'm hoping she will be back to normal soon.  I gave her another shot of antibiotic yesterday.   A depressed acting sheep is most likely hurting since sheep are naturally evolved to show their pain as little as possible in order to stay alive.  A predator would go straight for a weak looking sheep, therefore sheep try to mask those signs as much as they can.  I have even seen sheep pretend to be grazing when they are just lowering their heads and brushing the grass with their lips when they didn't feel well enough to eat. 

I just missed a really cute picture here.  The spotted lamb was trying to climb up on the cat tree.   Why a cat tree in the sheep barn?  Well, for the sheep- cat of course. 

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