Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dane reminded me...

Dane reminded me of a couple of his favorite stories on Gizmo and Puck that shouldn't be left out.

First, you have to try this at home.  Say "Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck" as fast as you can.  It sounds like a chicken, right?   Puck used to absolutely love when we would greet her by clucking her name.  She'd wiggle and practically turn inside out with smiling happiness to hear that.

Puck, and Jazz in the corner

Gizmo has, maybe not such a heart warming story, but a training story.   We were attempting to teach him not to jump fences, so we set him up.  My mom and Satchmo started working the sheep, and meanwhile Dane and I hid in the forest with some pans.   Gizmo was in a run.   As soon as he saw the sheep he leaped out and Dane and I jumped out banging our pans together.  It actually did work, but only for that one kennel.  He would not jump out of it after that.   But he did attempt to get through other gates and jump out of other places.   I guess it's an example of how dogs think specifically, not generally.

Gizmo at 13

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