Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good girl Sally

Yesterday I worked the two youngest pups, Sally and Tessa, who are10 months old.    Tessa did about like she did last time but Sally reached a new level of brilliance.  She's always been wider than her sister, but for some reason yesterday she was just clicking- she was working intensely, but going out wide to the fence at times, and changing directions nice and square every time I asked her to.  I introduced her to walk up on the line and she was a bit confused by that, and leaning to go around but that is a first time for that.    She also stopped very easily for me on balance, and lay down when I went to her. 

With Pepper, on the other hand, I struggled to make progress yesterday.  It seemed like we went back a step to where she wanted to dive into the sheep while driving.  I probably put her in a bad situation and didn't stop her soon enough, especially for having the line dragging and not in my hand.   I'll have to be more aware of when she's likely to do that and pick up the line again BEFORE she dives in.  The odd thing is she's just going out of heat.   Some people have told me they don't train on females in heat at all since they are likely to be more sensitive and weird at that time.   Pepper may have been more sensitive, but only in a good way, not in a weird "I don't like this" way.   She was really listening to me and was more calm and careful.  

Here's some pictures of the girls- they get along better than most female (dog) siblings, I think: 

Sweet Sally kisses


  1. Oh gosh that last picture kills me!!

  2. Too cute! I love the way they snuggle together! Their pictures always remind me of the 7 Dwarfs with their copper looking so much like a beard.

  3. Hi ho, hi ho, off to work we go :)