Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why sheep song?

Why is this blog called sheep song when there has hardly been a mention of sheep? 

A comment from someone with herding dogs, and I am sorry I can not remember the source, called the whining of an eager dog "singing for his sheep".   This stuck in my head, as well as the title of the book I am currently reading "Goat Song" by Brad Kessler came together to make me think of a sheep song.  

Our sheep will be lambing in about a month, and then I will definitely have some stories and pictures to share.   These sheep are mostly St. Croix, part Border Leicster with a little Tunis added.  They are hardy, worm resistant and good mothers.   They are easy to handle and good to work with dogs, not being too docile or too flighty.    In the late fall/early winter we sell some butcher lambs to individuals which helps to pay the sheep upkeep.   I have a small flock, and each adult sheep is named and recognizable to me by personality.  I greatly appreciate the sheep and what they have taught me.   They are a gentle, good natured animal in general, patient and uncomplaining.   One of the ewes, Knobbyfoot is her name, a very good sheep:

Because they are mostly hair sheep, with a coat more like a goat,  they do not need shearing.  Sometimes they get a scraggly mat on their back which I trim off, but I have not gotten into wool breeds so I could avoid having to shear a completely wool covered sheep.   Although, now that I am learning to knit I may have to reconsider whether I want to buy wool or grow it! 


  1. Love the blog name, Anne! If whining is singing for their sheep, then Nash is a troubadour!

  2. Thanks "HB"! Hank sometimes howls if he's left out of the work too long.

  3. fly like a weasel to the sea