Monday, March 7, 2011


Becky seems to be under stuff a lot in her puppy pictures
When Becky was 8 months old she was still waiting to find a home, and my mom brought her to visit me in Madison.  We went to a dog club meeting and Becky fell asleep in the middle of the room on her back with her feet in the air.  She was totally unconcerned about the dogs wandering around or people.  She has always been mellow like that, and in the house she is always near me but never demanding attention. She just likes to be near by.   After that visit we got her working sheep some and I brought her home to live with me.  

She is a lot like her mother Puck in that she never gets into trouble and is never naughty, even as a young dog I can't remember her ever doing anything wrong really.   Not so much like her dad Gizmo that way.    

She started trialing after some herding lessons and was in the merit listings for started ducks.  She did well with sheep and cattle also, and was one of the main chore dogs, with Teak, when I got my own sheep and goats.  She was the back up enforcer dog for Teak if the goats started getting a bad attitude.  Despite her sweet and mellow nature around the house, Becky had a good amount of forcefulness on stock and would bite the goats' noses if they stood up to her.   She would never give up and would keep trying for me all day.  

I had problems teaching her to drive due to many years of fetching habits and not really knowing what I was doing.  So eventually she would drive well enough to finish open titles but not advanced. 
 She finished her open cattle title one weekend when I had entered Kip for his first trial, but he burned his pads with too much work the day before and had to be pulled.  So I substituted Becky for his cattle runs and she went out there with no practice at all, really without having any training for I can't remember how long, and put in two good cattle runs.  

She had one litter, which was sired by WTCH. Hangin Tree Dude RD,RTDcs.    Luke, Dash and Cinder all come from that litter, and I think all of them are great stockdogs.

Lately, although she is almost 14 and mostly deaf, she has even helped Dodge learn to drive by going along next to him and starting the sheep moving.  

Holmberg's Prairie Wildfire OTDdsc, RTDs

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