Friday, March 18, 2011

Becky and Dude litter

Dash, Maggie, Luke and Cinder
 In 1998 we went out to Colorado to watch the Nationals and I was really impressed with the quality of working dogs there.  Several dogs really stood out to me, especially Dude.    WTCH. Hangin Tree Dude RTDcs, RD, PATDcs was then owned by Joni Swanke but by the time I was looking for a sire for Becky's first litter he had moved to Michigan to Becky Bailie's farm.     He had just the right combination of power, intensity and finesse that I wanted when I was looking for a sire, and was well know as a producer of good working dogs as well. 

The Becky/Dude litter was born in 2000 and I consider it a very successful cross all around.  I really liked the look of the puppies and the ones who went to working homes did very well at their jobs.   They are tough and determined and very instinctive.  

Becky in the desert near Las Vegas

Becky winning Most Promising Started, and Judge Jerry Rowe

Dash, who I named for his white dash, lost his namesake marking as he grew up
Birch Hollow's Dash O Whiskey STDcds
Dash belongs to my mom, and is the go-to dog for dog breaking cattle for her.  He is an immensely powerful and bold dog, and a strong header.    He is also Ben's sire. 


 Gracie,   Birch Hollow's Amazing Grace

Birch Hollow's Amazing Grace
Gracie was the loving companion and obedience class demo dog for Sheri Stack.  
Luke at 7 weeks
Luke we ended up keeping, my mom and I together, because of how he looked on sheep at 5 months.   He was quite fearless.   He is a powerful heading dog who will heel also.   He is pretty nice on sheep too.   He's quite an extraordinary dog, I think.  
WTCH. Birch Hollow's Quick Draw Dude RTDcs  (Luke)



 Cinder     WTCH Birch Hollow's Red Hot Cinder RTDcs, PATDcs, my little girl

Dot,  AKA Birch Hollow's Buttons N Bows 
Buttons (Dot)  has been a very successful working dog for the Menkes in Wisconsin.   She works the beef and dairy cattle for them. 

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