Monday, March 21, 2011

Good working day


Looking at the weather forecasts for the week, this could be the last nice weather we see for a while, so I got out and enjoyed it.   The best part is the snow has melted down enough that I can get out into the big field without a lot of shoveling to get the gates open and being stuck in snow drifts.  Ben did a little work on walk up and out, pushing the sheep off hay.  Sprite was back to work and did really nice.   And Hank got a turn too.    I've been using Ferreh's suggestion of looking where you want the dog to go out to and it seems to be helping.   Hank is working very relaxed now.  

The kids are on spring break so we went down to the Wisconsin river with Sally to play at the park, go for a little hike, throw rocks in the river and stomp in puddles (the kids' favorite).  Sally was fascinated by all the birds.   I never noticed her being interested in birds before, but every duck or mourning dove she saw she wanted to chase after.  It may be time to start her on duck herding.  

These are some old pictures of Ben.  Sometime when it's nice and sunny I should get the camera out and take some new ones. 

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