Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working today

Today was good and bad.  I used Dodge to sort the sheep, and he did a fine job.  After the ewes were moved out and fed I had him do a little driving and some fetching around the medium sized pen.   He doesn't really like to drive, but working in small sessions he has worked up to driving the length of the pen.   Next I need to get him taking flanking commands better so we can guide the sheep in a particular direction. 

Dodge is Birch Hollow's Built Ram Tough (Ruff Stock Grey Badger x WTCH. Birch Hollow's Red Hot Cinder).

Then I worked Tessa in the same pen.  She is one of the puppies, and is now 9 months old.  She was doing really well until I let the sheep get too far away and as she was going around she cut in and one lamb split off.  She chased it the wrong way and as I was trying to get to her I fell in the snow and twisted my back, which had just started to get back to normal after I hurt it two weeks ago.   I told Tessa off for chasing the lamb, caught her and put the lamb back with the others, and resumed our work.   She was more careful now about staying out off the sheep, but not the least discouraged by my grouchy attitude.     So even though it was bad for my back, I think it was good for Tessa as she had improved quite a bit in the one lesson. 

Tessa is Holmberg's Firefly Contessa (WTCH Holmberg's Running Spot x Birch Hollow's M n M Pup STDd).

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