Tuesday, June 28, 2011

S, T, P and D

David worked Sally again, this time in the larger pen, which is about an acre.  She started to get a little more wound up so I stepped in and helped and got her stopping and walking again.   I worked Tessa in the really big field on the ewes and lambs for the first time.   She also needed a bit of correction to start since all the popcorn lambs got her excited, but soon she had settled down was was working her normal calm way.   Mostly we worked on fetching and getting her all the way to the head since she was tending to pull up short.  I worked her for a long time- I wasn't timing but she and I were both hot and tired at the end.

Pepper had a very long session too.  I worked her on a lot of driving, all short drives, but many of them.   Also I started doing what they call "pulling her off the top" which means flanking her around from balance to my side of the sheep and then having her drive from there.   She did that pretty easily.   We also worked on some longer outruns with the sheep in a heavy corner.  After messing up the first one by running through the middle of the group and getting yelled at for that, she did it right the next 4 times. 

Dodge had a session in which we did some long drives while I walked along with him, and some little outruns.  He still has trouble coming to me when we're working.  If I want to call him to me to set up and outrun he stands there looking at me.  Sometimes I even have to crouch on the ground to get him to come.  It's not so much that he's stubborn, he just finds my pressure hard to come in to sometimes.   So we've been working a lot on that.   He also has trouble with "stay", as he thinks my movement is a signal to him that he should jump up and balance the sheep to me.   Patience, patience and more patience for both of us.

S and T

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