Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sunday I went down to Genoa City in southern Wisconsin for an AHBA trial and had a fun time judging all the really nice dogs and good handlers there.   There were many courses, including the large flock (RLF) in which you start with about 30 sheep in this case.  The location was Shannon Wolfe's training center, where I originally started taking lessons years ago.   A place of many good times and fond memories.   Here is a link if you want to take a look:


Shannon ran several of her dogs FEO (for exhibition only- can earn titles but not awards) and it was not as hard to judge my former teacher as you might think.  I tend to forget who is handling the dog when I judge, the same way I forget that a judge is watching me when I trial.   I have a lot of focus.

They will be having another AHBA trial in the fall if anyone is looking for a good challenging course with nice stock.  I keep trying to make down there to trial but October always gets so busy with trials for me.


  1. Wish I had known! Glad to see you out there judging!

  2. What grade did you give the teacher?

  3. She got good scores- her dogs and handling are excellent.