Monday, June 6, 2011



Sunday I worked with Hank, mainly on taking flanks a little more squarely.  The "way to" flank he was pretty good, the "go bye" flank (left) he was cutting in.   The goal I set up was to weave the sheep among the fence poles (no fence attached)  while driving and to do that he had to make good flanks or the sheep would run too far to the side to make a nice weaving pattern.    I had to correct the go bye several times by stopping him, going up to him and pushing him out, but eventually he started doing it better and we made the weave poles.  

Sprite worked on holding the sheep still in between us and taking good flanks there without pushing the sheep.   Eventually I'd like to start teaching her to shed, so we're getting this part worked on separately.  I imagine it will be hard to teach her to come in between the sheep, but I haven't tried it yet.   I also had her do a couple of blind, over the hill, outruns where she started running the wrong way (she couldn't see the sheep) and I had to stop and reflank her, bending out more, to get her on the right track, which she did just fine.  

And a picture from Saturday at David's birthday party.  He's going to be 10 tomorrow!   The kids played capture the flag with water balloons and had a great time getting soaked in the heat.  
Water balloon fight!

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