Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fishless tank

Dane found a free fish tank with all the equipment, so after testing it outside to make sure it would hold water, we bought a stand and set it up in the living room.   The floor is not level, since we live in an old saggy house, so this part took some doing to make the fish tank sit level.   It looks great, the only problem is, no fish.   We were expecting to set the tank up, wait 24 hours for the water to filter and warm up, then throw a few fish in there.    We got all excited about buying fish yesterday and took the kids after school to the fish store, but the person there said we really should wait longer for the water to filter to have the best chance of fish survival.    So we bought yet another tank decoration/ fish hiding spot and went home.   But at least we have decided on the kind of fish we want.  They are some yellow cichlids which fit both Dane's criteria (that they are cichlids) and mine and Michael's, which is that they are pretty. 

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