Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pet Day at school and home

Every year the kindergarten at our kids' school has a day for pets.  They have spent all week learning about responsibility for pets and how to treat them, then one afternoon people bring in whatever they have at home, mostly dogs, but also quite a few cats, and this time there were also a ferret, some caterpillars, hamsters and a hermit crab.  I brought pictures of the sheep but though they wouldn't really enjoy the crowd.      Luke was our dog of the day, and after getting all spiffed up, washed and brushed, he had a great time meeting and greeting the kids and parents.  
Michael and Luke
Michael's favorite animal, after Luke, was the ferret, who was really a nice one.   We have had friends who owned them and they were kinda nippy.    After seeing one at the pet store (rehome needed, $70 includes cage and everything) the kids now really want a ferret, which is not happening.   

Last night we finally got our fish!   There are two yellow and two orange cichlids.   They aren't the kind that get really huge, so after they have a chance to start the tank nitrogen cycle we can go get some more to add.  They seem to be having a great time find hiding places among the tank decorations.  

So far their names are Spud, or possibly Monkey. 

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