Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cartman the Fish

Assorted cichlids

Feed us!

We added 4 fish at first to get the tank acclimated then added 5 more on Sunday.  The nitrogen balance is important for fish and I can't say I understand it completely but the bacteria that eat waste have to build up after you put the first fish in.   This gives the fish the best chance of health and survival.  


One of our original fish, the big yellow one, who didn't start out bigger than the others but has been growing at an amazing rate, immediately set about hogging the food, the best spots in the tank and all the pictures I took.   I named him Cartman after the South Park character because you can almost hear him demanding "Mem, Memmmmm- I want more fishy pellets now, Memmmm".    So of course the small orange one that was left hiding behind the filter became Kenny.   Michael named the other yellow one Windy, and the other orange one Pumpkin.  

The blue ones are new and are becoming some of my favorites.  They are aggressive feeders and the speediest of fish, but are not so much into chasing the other fish around.   Those, together with the yellow/black striped fish, are always at the front of the tank begging for food when they see anyone.  

Dane says in the event of a zombie apocalypse we now have another source of protein available. 

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