Thursday, June 16, 2011


Photo by Becky Beckmann

Photo by Becky Beckmann

Dodge had a really nice working session the other day.  I had him moving the flock of ewes and lambs around the big field and he fetches and rates them really well.   They hardly ever try to run past me.   Then I asked him to drive along the fence and he went out in front of me and held his position just right to keep them going and on the fence for at least 100 feet before he got too close to the fence and I wasn't quick enough to stop him from pulling them off.   It looked so nice and calm I was reluctant to stop him, but afterward I realized I should have done something different before the drive fell apart and he went back to fetching.    But overall, I was really happy with how he did. 

Yesterday I tried the same thing with Pepper, but she's not as far along in driving and continually was slipping to the front to stop the sheep.   She would take my commands to come back behind, but she wouldn't hold the driving position on her own, which was my goal.  

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