Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pepper videos

Some videos from today:
Small outrun
Pepper fetching sheep

In the video below I set Pepper up ahead of me to attempt an inside flank.   She does know which direction I want, but she goes way out wide behind me.   I don't really want to correct that, (if it's even wrong- I don't know) because she's trying so hard to be good, so I just let her go and try again. 

Attempt at an inside flank

The next one she goes pretty well- I'd like to see her a bit wider on the side, but her start was nice so I let it go.  

Inside flankInside flank

I also had her come around on an off balance flank while the sheep were up against the fence several times, so she had to come around me and take the sheep off the fence.  Most of the time she was really nice and calm.  Only one time she thought some of the lambs weren't going to come off easily and she dashed through them.  

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