Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Woolly lawnmowers

All three of our lawnmowers are broken.  In the fall I say to myself, "I should really take one of those in and get it looked at."   But I have all winter to do it, and then pretty soon it's so snowy you can't get to the lawnmower shed.    So here I am in the spring again, at the end of a long list of other people who also waited until the last minute to try to get their lawnmowers working again.    But luckily in the meantime we have a secret weapon:
Handsome Ben
 Ben will move the sheep (AKA woolly lawnmowers) where ever I want them.   He is happy to sit and watch  to keep them in the right grazing spot. 

 The woolly lawnmowers are hard at work: they trim edges, they fertilize as they mow!  All you have to do is keep them away from the flowers, which is where Ben comes in.

Ben moving them along

Watching sheep

Faline with her new baby, Gremlin

Time for a drink

Gremlin may be a keeper for the herding flock.  He's got a lot of character for a tiny thing, and is extra cute even in a field of cuteness.  


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