Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pictures from our walk

The trees and flowers are really booming now.  This is the apple tree near the house.  If the weather cooperates we will have some good apples in the fall.   We never spray or do anything to the apple trees, so some years are good and some are bad for fruit.   The flowers are pretty every year. 

The grass is so green it almost overwhelms starved eyes which have been looking at nothing but gray and white all winter.  We have gotten more rain than any year since we moved here, which our neighbors tell us is more normal and the end of a 10 year drought.  We have lived here 8 years. 

I think Pepper looks good with green

Kip does too

Becky, who is 14, still enjoys walking with us.  

She's a good dog
I'm not sure green is Sprite's best color, but she's still cute


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