Thursday, May 26, 2011

Luke and Cinder's Birthday

Today is Luke and Cinder's 11th birthday.   Michael got them each a bag of biscuits, although they each only got to eat a couple today. 

Luke smiling, Cinder looking serious
We also got our one lawnmower back all fixed.  We traded the other one for the repair.  I paused  halfway through mowing the yard to take the picture, so you might see some short and some long back there. 

"Flame tree"

lilacs and apple


The neighbors' field is pretty well shortened, so I brought the ewes and lambs back yesterday with Hank's help.  It was drizzling.   Hank was very excited at first, plus the lambs had forgotten what a dog was (such short memories) so we spend a minute in the field calming everyone down before walking them out the gate, down the neighbors' drive, along the road, then into the forest and let them slowly graze their way back to our gate with Hank and I moseying along behind them.    
The picture above is the fresh grass for them.  

Yes, there is a lamb in that grass

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