Saturday, May 7, 2011

Different dogs

It's funny how the same sheep will react differently to different dogs.   The one ewe that butted Hank the other day seemed to be over her problem with Hank- she was moving nicely for him.  Pepper had no trouble with her either.   Then I had Ben move the sheep and the ewe went along with the the group for a while, then paused just a second like she was going to refuse to move.  Ben charged at her and nearly bumped into her, but didn't bite I don't think ( I was walking away and couldn't quite see), and that was then end of her hesitation to move.   A few days after that I sent Dodge to collect the sheep and move them to the yard, and she took one look at him and charged him.   Dodge has really not experienced that before so he looked completely shocked.  He couldn't believe that a sheep was really chasing him.  At first he seemed to be trying to ignore her, but after she caught up with him and butted him he decided he'd better deal with her and started showing teeth and snapping at her head.  I don't think he connected hard, but she had some slobber on her.    After that he was more careful in his approach to her and seemed to be trying to avoid another confrontation, but he got the job done and got everyone moved to a new yard.  


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