Monday, May 16, 2011

Sprite today

Sprite worked on driving the sheep around the dog yard.  She does well on taking them away from the draw, pretty well on a cross drive and not very well on going toward the draw.  We worked on all directions, and she needed a lot of commands to take the sheep toward the gate where they wanted to go.

Driving across

Driving toward the gate.  She'd just keeping going "bye" unless I stopped and reflanked her.  After doing it a  few times I just had to repeat "there" when she was far enough.
Driving around a tree

Driving toward the far corner, into the trees

This was her good direction.

Pushing the last sheep through

Cooling off


  1. I love seeing the dogs train "real world" training. Trialing is great, but to see them doing the work first and then taking the work to be "Judged" instead of training just for a judge or trial. Really enjoying the blog.

  2. Working livestock is what it's all about, and having a good dog makes it fun and easier. Even a small farm has plenty of opportunities for dogs to do chores. I think just training for a trial is way too limiting. Thank you for your kind comment!