Monday, July 18, 2011

Try again

The weather here must have sneaked up from Missouri and chased our Wisconsin summer away.  It's beastly hot, so not much outdoor work going on here.  Yesterday I had to move several groups of sheep to new places and Hank did it with many breaks to cool off in the water tub.   The ewes moved over to our neighbors' field, the lambs moved temporarily to a smaller pen that is getting really tall grass, and the wether/ram flock moved to a new pasture.  

Today after the big storm there was a short cool spell before the heat came back, so I worked Pepper for a short session on some picking up sheep from a corner that she tends to rush.   She did very well, and I threw in a few walk ups and practice on direction commands while we were at it. 

Then I took Sprite over to the neighbors' for another try on their lambs.   This time I got a bit smart and closed the gate between pastures first so they wouldn't have that escape route.   Then the field was about the size of two fairly large arenas next to each other.    We did a few outruns and worked on settling the sheep with her on one side and me on the other.     So that was about it for the day, I put the gate back the way it was and we retired to the air conditioning and watching Harry Potter 7, the first part, in preparation for going to see the second part.    It wasn't my favorite of the Harry Potter movies, but book 7 wasn't my favorite book either.     Oh, and making raspberry pie.   Mmmm.

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