Monday, July 25, 2011

Moving the sheep day

We move sheep around regularly from one pasture to another, and today was the day to move again.   Ben took the lambs over to the far pasture, which hasn't had any grazing and is getting really tall.   Probably too tall, but the sheep will manage I'm sure. 

I snapped some pictures of him and the sheep.
Before I sent Ben:  
The lambs with a helper bird on board.  It's not just elephants and zebras that attract little bug eating helpers.
Rounding them up

Bringing them to me

Going toward the gate

Now driving

On the other side of the gate he brings them to me again.   I want to make sure they don't get mixed with the other flock in the field.

Through the next gate

The last gate- the grass is getting really tall over here

Sheep vanishing into grass

After that I let him go get the neighbor's lambs to put them in the pen. 

At first the lambs are curious about the new dog
First he took them to a corner and then down the fence to the pen.  
Getting them out of a corner
About to enter the pen
Ben didn't  have any trouble with them.

Ben watching them at the gate of the pen

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