Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hank with lambs

After giving the lambs a little time in the small pen we moved out into the big field and Hank worked them around.  I got some pictures, and one video.  He was getting really hot, as it was warm and muggy today.    

the small pen

Picking up some laggers.  I didn't notice until just now that all the ewes are standing behind the fence looking on.

The shaggy one is a very small ewe born last year.  

Hank today

Our other project yesterday was to do a little work with the neighbors' sheep.  They have a few lambs just for the summer and fall and we help pen them up sometimes when needed, so I'm getting them used to listening to a dog.   They don't have to be really "dog broke" or orient to a person but it's helpful if they at least know what a dog is so we can get them in a pen easily or move them from one pasture to another.  I had Hank drive them to the pen and let them run in, then run out the chute and that was it for the day.  

This is a video from a few weeks ago that I just finally got loaded.  It's Sprite doing an outrun. 


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