Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sometimes a little dog needs a little help

I took Sprite out to check the lambs last night.  They are in our neighbor's far pasture, which has grass up to my waist right now.   We had to walk past my other group of sheep to get there, so when I sent Sprite for the lambs she thought I meant the sheep she already saw and started the wrong direction.  I called her back and lifted her up above the grass, pointed her nose toward the lambs and told her "look".    She saw them, I set her down and sent her "go bye".   She went out perfectly, stopped on her own in the perfect spot and creeped up slowly to them them started, and brought them to me without a command.   I have to tell you my heart was singing to see her in action.   And some people wonder if dogs can visualize in their heads.  She saw those lambs, and kept the picture of where they were and how to get there as she ran out, since once I set her down they were out of sight again.


  1. sprites related to puc, right? such a good line there...

  2. WOW, that had to have been a terrific moment!

  3. Lisa, Sprite is a different line than Puck, but yeah, I like both. Tessa, Sally and Pepper are all Puck descendants.