Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too darn hot

Last night there was another huge storm, but the high winds seem to have missed us.  Just a few miles away, in the city of Stevens Point, there are trees down on every block,  really huge ones uprooted, and one street closed due to flooding.  

Today it's just too darn hot. According to my car temperature gauge it was 101, but those tend to run a little hot because of being on a car.  I haven't looked at the official weather. 

So Dane, David and I went and saw Harry Potter in the cool cool movie theater (Michael has camp this week- they bailed on being outdoors and also went to a movie- Zookeeper.  Funnily enough we ran into the camp group at the theater.  Small towns. )  I thought the last part of Harry Potter was a great movie!   Yes, I cried when the Weasley kid died.    Now, I haven't spoiled anything because surely anyone who wants to see the movie already read the books, right?
Just as we were getting ready to go to the movie, however, I spotted two ducks in the dog yard.   They had been there long enough to lay an egg, and with dogs out.   With Cinder's help I rounded them up, actually I was pulling the fence back together while she took them almost to the gate on her own.  They had to go around the long way, away from their buddies, to get back out the gate.    Of course they would never think of going back the way they came under the fence. 
Hot dog!


Some of the girls



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