Monday, August 22, 2011

Working Sunday

Yesterday I took Pepper out in the big field with three of the ewes that haven't been worked much.  They are dog broke, but they are out of the habit and were pretty light.  She did pretty well, though she didn't settle them as quickly as she might have, eventually she did and we even did some open field driving.   I'm still trying to stay up even with her and not let her get way ahead of me so I can stay in the picture.  She has her directions down pretty well and her flanks are square (or bigger than square sometimes, depending on what the sheep are doing).  

I had Kip move the wether/ram group to a new pasture, then worked Tessa and Sally on them with a break in between to work Pepper on the other group.   I'm happy with how Sally and Tessa are doing.   We did some fetching, some small outruns and some driving both on and off the fenceline.   Both pups are doing well on leaving from my side at short distances.  I need to start working toward longer outruns with them.   Sally has really hooked into driving (I'm talking really short drives on a line here) and coming on the the sheep that way and she looks a lot like her mom-walking with intensity.

kids and dogs

Tessa after the kids gave her a bath

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