Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gettin' up there

This is an old picture of Cinder.   She's past her cattle working days at age 11, but she's still eager to move the sheep around for me when I need her.  I've been a bit worried about her a couple of times in the last few weeks when it seems like she had a momentary weakness in her hind legs.  Once it seemed like her feet were dragging just for a few seconds.  The other dogs sometimes knock into her when they would never have dared to face the wrath of Cinder in her prime.   More than anything I do not want to face the reality that she is getting older and I will be without my Cinder dog some day.   She has given up leadership of the pack gracefully and without a fight to Pepper (who is rowdy hooligan but really wanted it).  

Cinder at 11

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