Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Puppies herding

This week I tried both pups, Stormy and Taz, out on the sheep individually.   They are 4 months old.   They had both been on the sheep at the same time about a month ago, and turned on really fast then.   I was expecting wild and wooly  this time.    And they were!

Taz went first and I was able to get him circling the group pretty well after a minute or so of wild chasing.   He was very eager and not able to be shut down at all.   When I finally grabbed the rope he still wanted more.

Stormy went a couple of days later and he was even more intense than his brother.  He didn't notice I was out there in the pen any more, he just wanted SHEEP!   I finally grabbed the rope and made him walk around next to me for about 20 minutes, before he started giving to my pressure.    Then I turned him loose and he was wonderful- he moved off me, he circled the group, he wasn't running into the middle of the sheep any more.   He also did not want to quit when I was ready to stop and had to be dragged out. 

 I managed to get a couple of pictures of him in between when I tied him to the fence to catch my breath.  
He is one eager pup! 

The puppies are out of Holmberg's Firefly Contessa DNA-VP and by WTCH Birch Hollow's Ranch Security RTDcs, PATDcs, OFTDcs, DNA-VP

They are both DNA tested. 

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