Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tyra and Sally

I have never written where Tyra and Sally ended up, so since today is a day off for me I thought I'd give updates on them.   Tyra went to a family back in May, where they had owned a previous generation of my mom's dogs.  Now the daughter is grown up and out on her own and came back to my Mom for her own dog.   Tyra has a little girl whom she loves, and has managed to become an important part of the household.   One night she was put to bed in her crate as usual, but completely unlike her, she just would not stop barking.  Finally her owner got up to see what was wrong and found the back door wide open.  As soon as the door was shut and Tyra checked and found everything was ok, she went to bed peacefully.

Sally has gone for a try-out period with a sheep dog trainer friend.   So far she is doing really well and my friend really likes her.  Sally will get to work sheep quite a bit and trial if all goes well between them.   

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